The Management Trapper: Save Your Corn Crops

It’s no secret that growing corn in bear country or near a huge raccoon population can be downright tough. At the same time, almost all serious habitat managers understand that corn can be a powerful draw for whitetails, and be good for the deer to fatten them up for the rigors of the rut and then survive winter. [Read More]

The Management Trapper: Embracing the Management Mindset

There are two main challenges to overcome in management trapping. The first is simply learning the habitat and animals, and the second is how to switch from common sustainable trapping practices to a management and control trapping mentality. [Read More]

Open-Country Fisher Trapping

While someday I’d love to chase fishers in their traditional big-woods habitat, it’s a testament to the adaptability of the species that the farm country trapper can catch the beautiful “black cat” on their home turf. By scouting to find locations the animals frequent and using bait in the preseason, this wonderful furbearer can be added to the trapper’s fur board. [Read More]

The Cubby Challenge

A cubby of one sort or another is part of almost every trapper’s tool kit, and for good reason. Well-made, properly guarded cubbies can be counted on to function through the most difficult of conditions. However, for this type of set to perform effectively, some serious consideration is in order long before installing that first trap. [Read More]