Fur Market Report February 2021: Coyotes, Beavers and Upcoming Auctions

Trapping seasons across North America are coming to an end when we enter into late February. Fur is still prime, but for many southern regions, the turn to spring is arriving fast, and many critters will also start breeding soon. Yes, it is still winter in Canada, but snow is at its deepest point, ice is as thick as it will ever be, and most trappers have by now harvested most of what they will harvest this season. [Read More]

The Management Trapper: Save Your Corn Crops

It’s no secret that growing corn in bear country or near a huge raccoon population can be downright tough. At the same time, almost all serious habitat managers understand that corn can be a powerful draw for whitetails, and be good for the deer to fatten them up for the rigors of the rut and then survive winter. [Read More]

Fur Market Report January 2021: Western Cats and Coyotes Reveal Upcoming Market

The biggest bulk of the fur in North America is harvested in November and December, but most commercial fur seasons usually run into January and February. But, November and December are the biggest months, so by now you can say that most of what will hit the market in 2021 is already in fur sheds on stretchers or in freezers. [Read More]