Fur Market Report November 2021: Muskrats, Coyotes and Castor Lead the Market Into November

October is the last month before everyone starts heading out to the fields and woods to set traps and harvest furbearers. October is prime time for anticipation. Then November arrives — action time. Every night from now on is going to be busy. November is when anticipation finally turns into reality. [Read More]

Fur Market Report October 2021: Positives and Negatives as We Enter Trapping Season

October is when final plans are set for the upcoming trapping season. Some northern states and provinces open up for trapping in late October, but I suspect most states have their fur season opening in November. Fur grows on animals with shorter photoperiod, and the longer trappers can wait before setting traps, the more fur animals have when they are harvested. [Read More]

Fur Market Report Summer 2021: Muskrat Prices, the First Sign of Market Recovery?

For the first time in a long time we are showing some positive signs in the market. Market recovery will take some time, and as you ponder what to do next season, remember to harvest pelts at maximum maturity. When markets struggle, only the very best skins sell, so time your harvest as best you can. [Read More]

Don’t Rule Out Cage Traps

There is a cage trap for just about everything from chipmunks to coyotes. They are easy to set and bait, and they help trappers be selective with what they keep. In today’s crazy fur market, it doesn’t hurt to be able to keep only the best fur, and release the rest. [Read More]