Supply Dealers and Trapping-Related Businesses

American Institute of Taxidermy

Blackie’s Blend

Burnham Brothers

Burnham Calls

Cumberland’s Northwest Trappers Supply

Dobbins Products

Duke Trap Co., Inc.

Dunn Knives

DWL Brand Manufacturing

Extreme Dimension Wildlife Calls & iHunt Game Calls

F&T Fur Harvesters Trading Post

Larry Finch


FrAnnK Publications

Funke Traps

Grawes Animal Lures

High Country Control

Hoosier Trapper Supply Inc.

Hunter’s Specialties


Jameson’s Ultra Blend

J.C. Conner

Joe Goodman Limited Edition Prints

J.R. & Sons

Kaatz Bros. Lures

Kishel’s Quality Animal Scents & Lures

Leggett’s Trapping Supplies & Lures

Lenon Lures

Milligan Brand

Minnesota Trapline Products

Montgomery Fur Co.

Moscow Hide & Fur

Murrays Lures

Night Owl Lures

North American Trapper

Northern Sport Co.

Oneida Victor

PCS Outdoors

PDK Snares

Peterson Furs

Primos Hunting

Pursuit Channel

Remington Arms

Rid A Critter, Inc.

Rocky Mountain Fur Co.

Sceery Outdoors

Schmitt Enterprises

Sleepy Creek Mfg.

Slim Pedersen

Snare Shop

Sullivan’s Scents & Supply

Thompson Snares

Trapper Art’s Supply

USA Foxx & Furs

Wasatch Wildlife Products

Western Cats Inc.

Western Rivers, Inc.

Wildlife Control Supplies, LLC


Fur Auctions/Fur Buyers

Carolina Fur Dressing Company

Fur Harvesters Auction, Inc.

Groenewold Fur & Wool Company

North American Fur Auctions

Oregon Territorial Council on Fur

Petska Fur

Wiebke Fur Co.

Zander Fur Co.

Other Friends of T&PC

Deer & Deer Hunting magazine

Turkey & Turkey Hunting magazine